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Data Wanted:

Our goal is to sample the Austronesian language family as representatively as possible. Therefore, we would love to add more data from other Austronesian languages, or dialects. We're also interested in Papuan / Non-Austronesian / Australian and Indo-Pacific languages, as these will help us to identify borrowings.

Authors Attribution:

You and the source of the data will be listed as having provided the data, both in the "authors" field of the language, and on the collaborators page.

How to Enter Data:

This tool will allow you to enter language data into this database for anyone world-wide to use. It should only take about 30 minutes to enter the data, depending on your typing speed, and internet connection.

All you have to do is type the data in as accurately as possible, and hit the save button every few minutes. This will store the data in a temporary database. If you need to disconnect, or do something else just bookmark the page (after saving any changes!) and you can come back to finish it later.

Any questions or problems please email Simon Greenhill

Start Entering Data

Prefer Offline Data Entry?

Download this Excel template or Non-Denominational CSV file and enter the data, then email it to email Simon Greenhill.