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Language: Hamea

Source/Author:  Claire Moyse-Faurie 
Identifiers:  ISO-639-3:cir  Glottocode: meaa1237 
Notes:  The Hamea language is spoken on the 'Main Land' ('Grande Terre') of New Caledonie, in the south province, near the west coast and in the land as well. Claire Moyse-Faurie, who has worked with speakers in this area located near the Xârâcùù language area, of which she made a published a grammar, is working on a thematic dictionnary for the Hamea. Lexicons have been made by several persons, including by Georges W. Grace, but the work of Claire Moyse-Faurie is until now the most complete lexical work, althought it has not been published yet. I personnaly thank Claire Moyse-Faurie who agreed to make available to me her on going work.

This dictionnary project contains a Hamea-French thematic lexicon as well as a phonetical and phonological introduction in which the authors is making a writing system proposal.

Methodology :
If for an english word in the list, there are several lexical item including one single lexical unit, a compound (i.e made of several lexical units), or even a word resulting of a derivation, the word being a single lexical unit has been retained before anything else
If more than one word in Hamea has been found for a single english word, some specifications about the use of the different words not being morphological variables have been, when possible, provided in the 'Author annotation' column
The word with the most general meaning have been retained.
If a word that is morphologically dependant and generally attached to an other word, it has been transcribed with a dash before or after word.
If the semantic distinction between several words is not clear, those words have been provided with a comment in the 'Author annotation' column regarding to this lack of semantic distinction. 
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ID: Word: Item: Annotation: Cognacy: Loan:
175 above ãroa      
191 all      
192 and aɽe      
146 ash ʈa      
173 at      
13 back word info n̪ɔ̃ʈɔ:-      
165 bad, evil t̪a: As a relationship    
14 belly we-      
176 below ãri      
153 big t̪i      
97 bird mẽ:we      
147 black pogɔ̃rɔ̃      
23 blood ʈa      
15 bone ɳɔ̃-      
113 branch word info bẽ-      
18 breast me:t̪ɔ̃      
56 child hɨ̃mʷeɽe      
131 cloud word info hun̪ awãrã      
139 cold word info hɔve      
166 correct, true ʈo      
168 day ɖã:      
10 dirty oʈo      
96 dog ʈaiki   92  
96 dog ʈɛiki   92  
140 dry word info a. mari      
82 dull, blunt eja:      
11 dust puro   20, 104  
43 ear po:ɖẽ-      
119 earth/soil ɖɔ̃:      
98 egg pʷẽ:vɔ      
204 Eight word info anɔ̃rɔ̃ e aʃiri      
45 eye ãrãme-      
180 far ʈumʷa:      
104 fat/grease gǝɽǝʃi      
60 father aviɖẽ      
99 feather wã-      
208 Fifty word info auru ʈean̪ e amɔ̃ru      
143 fire ɳe      
111 fish n̪ũ      
201 Five word info anɔ̃rɔ̃      
116 flower wãge      
132 fog      
200 Four word info ae   1  
117 fruit wa-      
164 good haru As a relationship    
118 grass mĩ:      
151 green ɔ̃ɖo      
26 hair word info wã:ɔ̃      
1 hand bẽ-   14?  
184 he/she n̪ã      
24 head ɔ̃-      
142 heavy mijǝ:      
61 house eɽe      
194 how? word info      
57 husband mo:-      
182 I o   1  
193 if n̪ẽ      
174 in, inside nǝwǝ-      
16 intestines wĩnã-      
126 lake      
114 leaf ɖi-      
2 left kaɽabɔ   62  
4 leg/foot hi- 'leg'    
4 leg/foot mã: 'foot'    
135 lightning ɳɔ̃me      
17 liver ɖɨ̃:-      
155 long word info mʷa:      
108 louse word info ǝɽǝ a.    
54 man/male mo:      
103 meat/flesh hẽrẽwẽ      
129 moon boʃĩ      
109 mosquito ɳãu      
59 mother aviɳẽ-      
30 mouth n̪ifa-      
63 name fãrĩ      
158 narrow mɨrǝ      
179 near ʈuhɔ̃bɔ      
25 neck n̪iɖɔwɔ      
68 needle ɳivǝ      
163 new aɖo:      
167 night pʷǝ      
205 Nine word info anɔ̃rɔ̃ e ae      
195 no, not ʃe 'not' (negative polarity of a sentence)    
27 nose wɔ̃jɔ̃-      
27 nose wẽjẽ      
162 old word info ho:bẽrĩ      
197 One word info ʃa:      
209 One Hundred word info anɔ̃rɔ̃ ʈean̪      
210 One Thousand word info      
190 other      
160 painful, sick vajǝ      
53 person/human being ʈean      
133 rain wije      
102 rat ʃĩ:bǝ      
102 rat çĩ:bǝ      
149 red ma:      
3 right heɽet̪ǝ   86  
6 road/path ɔ:pɛ      
115 root wã:-      
65 rope wi:      
112 rotten word info apu      
125 salt çɔ:      
121 sand ɖã:wẽ      
124 sea n̪iwiɽa      
203 Seven word info anɔ̃rɔ̃ e auru      
81 sharp e      
154 short word info mɨrǝ a.    
154 short word info ɖu b.    
19 shoulder ũbẽ-      
161 shy, ashamed      
202 Six word info anɔ̃rɔ̃ e ʃa:      
12 skin ɔ̃gi-      
128 sky n̪ihu:      
152 small      
145 smoke word info kũ      
106 snake      
110 spider gaɽa      
130 star ʃuomɛ      
79 stick/wood miɽǝ      
120 stone aɽebɔ      
105 tail wãmefĩ-      
206 Ten word info amɔ̃ru      
178 that ɖa: mʷã      
62 thatch/roof ɖɔ̃:mʷã      
187 they ɽi      
157 thick word info      
156 thin word info      
177 this ɖa:      
183 thou ke      
199 Three word info aʃiri      
134 thunder ɳoɽo      
41 to bite eke      
41 to bite eje      
137 to blow word info b. ʃuɔ      
28 to breathe mɔ̃:wi      
144 to burn word info ɖɔ̃ 'to burn something in order to cook it'    
91 to buy hɔ̃ʃi: Means 'to buy' and 'to pay' as well    
38 to chew word info hãɽa ive b. 'to chew some bark or magnania'    
85 to choose haʃo      
172 to climb word info vǝɽǝ ʃiɖajǝ a.    
7 to come mẽ      
39 to cook word info n̪ɔ̃rɔ̃ɔ a.    
196 to count fãrã   1  
34 to cry ɖã:rĩ      
78 to cut, hack word info ʃa      
75 to die, be dead n̪a vajǝ: me      
90 to dig ɔ̃rẽ      
50 to dream ĩpe      
50 to dream ĩgãʃã      
40 to drink ot̪o      
37 to eat hãɽa      
95 to fall word info mi   128  
22 to fear bara      
123 to flow d̪o      
101 to fly ĩ:      
86 to grow word info      
44 to hear fiɽi      
171 to hide word info jui      
171 to hide word info hujui      
72 to hit word info t̪a      
89 to hold word info hãwǝɽǝ      
69 to hunt word info ɔ̃ẽ      
74 to kill t̪a      
20 to know, be knowledgeable ʈãmʷã      
33 to laugh a      
49 to lie down word info merɔ      
76 to live, be alive mɔɽɔ      
92 to open, uncover n̪ɔ̃bɔ      
92 to open, uncover wi:      
84 to plant n̪ao 'to plant a yam'    
93 to pound, beat word info fat̪ere      
64 to say hĩɖɔ      
64 to say hɔ̃ɖɔ      
77 to scratch word info ei      
46 to see ʈǝ: Means 'to see someone'    
67 to sew word info ʃi:      
70 to shoot word info t̪ǝ kuwa 'to shoot with a rifle'    
51 to sit jo:      
48 to sleep merejɔ      
29 to sniff, smell puʈɨ̃: The distinction between those two lexical items has not been found    
29 to sniff, smell fǝrǝ      
36 to spit t̪ufãrĩ      
80 to split word info      
88 to squeeze word info ɖɔ̃wi ɳɔ̃-n̪awa This lexical item is used as 'to squeeze coco nuts to get their juice'    
71 to stab, pierce t̪ɔ̃t̪aɽi      
52 to stand ʈuɽɔ      
73 to steal mẽɖɔ      
73 to steal hãpʷaʃerɔ      
42 to suck hʷi: ʈi      
87 to swell word info      
9 to swim hɨ̃      
21 to think ʈunɔ̃ɖɔ      
94 to throw word info wahe      
66 to tie up, fasten t̪ewǝɽǝ      
8 to turn word info      
35 to vomit ko:      
5 to walk fãɖo      
83 to work word info wakɛ Generally means 'to work'    
47 to yawn komã:      
32 tongue waɽabɛ-      
31 tooth vewɔ-      
31 tooth vevɔ-      
207 Twenty word info hi ʃa: ʈean̪      
198 Two word info auru      
138 warm word info mei      
122 water word info aɽɔ      
185 we word info haɽi incl.    
185 we word info kivi excl.    
141 wet ɖi-      
188 what? word info      
170 when? word info ẽni      
181 where? word info ãe      
148 white wãrã      
189 who? word info ja:      
159 wide ɖaɽa      
58 wife mʷĩ:bẽ:rĩ-      
58 wife afira-      
136 wind wãɳe      
100 wing wãbẽ-      
55 woman/female mʷĩã      
127 woods/forest n̪io      
107 worm (earthworm) hãrĩʈo:      
169 year faʈa      
150 yellow ẽrẽɖirã      
186 you wiɽi      

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