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Language: Kuot

Source/Author:  Lindström field notes 
Identifiers:  ISO-639-3:kto  Glottocode: kuot1243 
Notes:  non-Austronesian ("East Papuan"), New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.
Previous names: Panaras (also Nayama, Kun, Kulot; see Lindström 2002 p19).
Noun endings -ma, -na, -nəm, -nim, -bam, -bu, -bun, -uom disappear in plural formation and should probably be ignored for comparative purposes.  
Data Entry:  Typed By: Eva Lindström  Checked By:  
  • Total Data: 293
  • Number of Retentions:
  • Number of Loans: 14
Classification:  Isolate 


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ID: Word: Item: Annotation: Cognacy: Loan:
3 right      
8 to turn word info      
28 to breathe      
53 person/human being      
68 needle      
117 fruit      
126 lake      
131 cloud word info      
156 thin word info      
158 narrow      
159 wide      
190 other      
193 if      
210 One Thousand word info      
111 fish abuluma      
87 to swell word info abə Vcls 2 also 'rise, climb'    
172 to climb word info abə Vcl 2, also rise etc    
35 to vomit abən Vcls 2, of small children    
120 stone adəs      
133 rain afərət (AN loan < wet season)    
104 fat/grease ailu      
189 who? word info aka      
27 nose akabunima 'nostril'    
21 to think akat Vcls 1    
33 to laugh akkit Vcls 1    
6 road/path alaŋ (AN loan)    
157 thick word info am adj also 'fat'    
97 bird amani northern Kuot (AN loan)   L
94 to throw word info apə Vcls 1 incl throw spear    
194 how? word info are mani "like what"    
167 night arubu also 'darkness'    
89 to hold word info at Vcls 2a    
17 liver bakkarep      
19 shoulder barana      
127 woods/forest ben high forest    
19 shoulder biaməna 'shoulder blade'    
175 above bo also 'on'    
63 name bonim      
145 smoke word info bonət      
185 we word info bubuo      
11 dust buia      
39 to cook word info bukara 'make cooked < adj. 'cooked'    
24 head bukom      
71 to stab, pierce buliŋ Vcls 1 'stab', poke, as ground for post etc    
78 to cut, hack word info bulə Vcls 2a 'cut, chop, fell'    
185 we word info buo incl    
66 to tie up, fasten buruk-in tie with knot    
122 water word info burunəm      
82 dull, blunt but adj    
114 leaf bəbam      
140 dry word info bəlak Vcls 1, dry, be dry in general    
70 to shoot word info bəle shoot with spear    
80 to split word info bəsa Vcls 1 'split bamboo, or areca palm trunk for walling or flooring'    
17 liver bəsok also 'lung'    
16 intestines dalə includes general insides of belly, 'offal'    
122 water word info danuot also 'river', AN loan (?)   L?
134 thunder duk      
48 to sleep duri also 'lie down'    
49 to lie down word info duri also 'to sleep'    
52 to stand dus Vcls 1    
98 egg dəkər Kabil dialect    
87 to swell word info dəŋ Vcls 1    
33 to laugh fakabuo Vcls 1    
137 to blow word info fu blow with the mouth (AN loan)   L
64 to say ga      
192 and ga      
64 to say gama      
205 Nine word info gamiala      
204 Eight word info gamin      
203 Seven word info gamura      
191 all ganam 'all, whole'    
142 heavy giginə adj    
202 Six word info gunamur      
184 he/she i masc    
46 to see i-i Vcls 3    
65 rope iakur      
13 back word info ibunəm      
29 to sniff, smell ie Vcls 2    
136 wind ifif (AN loan)    
115 root ikunəm      
135 lightning ilak (AN loan)    
168 day ileŋ daytime, daylight    
108 louse word info ineima      
144 to burn word info ip-au Vcls 3 'burn secondary growth in garden preparation'    
60 father irə      
45 eye irəma      
112 rotten word info is adj    
20 to know, be knowledgeable it Vcls 2    
85 to choose ite Vcls 1 also 'sort'    
4 leg/foot kadəlek (northern dialect)    
2 left kaiar prob 'left hand(ed)'    
9 to swim kakai Vcls 1; also 'float'    
179 near kakarat      
59 mother kakka child's address    
150 yellow kakko Vcls 1    
171 to hide word info kako-ri Vcls 3    
110 spider kakoburik      
106 snake kakok      
153 big kan adj also 'thick', 'wide'    
96 dog kapuna (AN: same as Nochi)    
26 hair word info kapuruma      
77 to scratch word info karamit Vcls 1    
169 year karanim also 'low tide, reef at low tide'    
195 no, not karuk is not, no    
79 stick/wood karənəm      
41 to bite karət (AN loan) also 'betel nut'    
36 to spit kasup Vcls 1    
90 to dig kau Vcls 1 (AN loan (?))    
4 leg/foot kiban      
102 rat kifəbun (f) (AN loan)   L
102 rat kifəma (m) (AN loan)   L
43 ear kikinəm      
50 to dream kikkirit-ie Vcls 3    
1 hand kilan      
46 to see kima Vcls 1    
119 earth/soil kimanəm      
78 to cut, hack word info kirip Vcls 1 'cut, chop with knife'    
104 fat/grease kiris of nuts    
50 to dream kirit-ie Vcls 3    
165 bad, evil kirə adj    
143 fire kit (AN? Lavongai kut)    
94 to throw word info ko Vcls 1    
97 bird kobeŋ southern Kuot (AN loan? Lakuramau koben=wing)   L?
110 spider kokoburik      
162 old word info kuala old woman    
162 old word info kualappik 'be old' if used as Vcls 1    
58 wife kualə also 'old woman' (same in Nochi)    
56 child kulot boy    
56 child kuləmut girl    
12 skin kumalip only in plural form    
180 far kəkkaliat      
25 neck kəkkoŋ      
95 to fall word info kəm Vcls 2    
152 small kəppi adj also 'thin', 'narrow'    
38 to chew word info kərəs chew noisily, crunch    
168 day la day    
57 husband lai      
162 old word info lai old man    
155 long word info laklakə adj    
181 where? word info lakum      
162 old word info lappək 'be old' if used as Vcls 1    
31 tooth laukima      
176 below laurup adv 'under, below, down'    
84 to plant li Vcls 2a    
34 to cry libə Vcls 2    
56 child lop children (PL only)    
61 house lukuan (also 'roof')    
62 thatch/roof lukuan also 'house'    
84 to plant Vcls 1 'plant a new garden'    
105 tail ləbonaŋ tail and backmost part of fish    
137 to blow word info ləf blow away, of wind    
105 tail ləpəle of dog as well as snake    
64 to say ma      
187 they ma varies across functions    
139 cold word info madin Vcls 1, cold, cool in general    
55 woman/female makabun      
107 worm (earthworm) makabunama (spp, long and thin)    
151 green makmakada Vcls 1 (AN: Nalik mərəxə'wa, Madak məmaxa)    
60 father mama child's address    
64 to say mama      
188 what? word info mani      
47 to yawn marala Vcls 1    
130 star marələ (AN loan < Morning star)   L
85 to choose mat Vcls 1 also 'take aim'    
130 star mataleŋleŋ (AN? = Nochi)   L?
186 you mi      
187 they mi varies across functions    
54 man/male mikana      
166 correct, true mikə adj    
186 you mimi      
95 to fall word info mir Vcls 1    
7 to come mu-o Vcls 3    
208 Fifty word info muanə ma mənaburualap five tens    
15 bone muanəm      
201 Five word info muanəm      
113 branch word info muaranim      
113 branch word info muareima      
161 shy, ashamed muli-bə Vcls 3    
164 good mur adj    
164 good məgo adj    
32 tongue məlobiem      
206 Ten word info mənaburuan      
209 One Hundred word info mənaburuan ma mənaburualap ten tens    
173 at na      
174 in, inside na      
59 mother naga same in Nalik, Nochi, Madak ('my mother')    
199 Three word info naien      
200 Four word info nakala      
175 above nakkap adv 'on, over, up'    
170 when? word info namuk adv, also 'how many'    
197 One word info namurit      
198 Two word info narain      
207 Twenty word info narain mənaburualapien two tens    
99 feather nebam      
12 skin neip only in plural form    
76 to live, be alive nim Vcls 2, also 'be conscious'    
42 to suck ninip 'as in suck on fingers'    
5 to walk num Vcls 2    
59 mother num older root? base of collective forms    
183 thou nunuo      
183 thou nuo      
163 new adj    
74 to kill nəm Vcls 2a, 'to go at, injure'    
30 mouth nənəm      
37 to eat o Vcls 2    
23 blood oləbuan      
44 to hear omirə Vcls 2    
51 to sit onəma Vcls 2    
7 to come op Vcls 2    
81 sharp oror adj    
103 meat/flesh otbəna 'meat of fish'    
185 we word info pa      
39 to cook word info pa iouna Vcls 2, make 'mumu', cook in stones (iouna=cooking stones)    
16 intestines pakkubinəm      
138 warm word info pamnə adj    
127 woods/forest panap bush, also 'rubbish, trash' (PL only)    
128 sky panbinim the blue sky, clouds are below it    
185 we word info papa excl    
37 to eat parak Vcls 1    
79 stick/wood pas      
92 to open, uncover pilas Vcls 1    
124 sea pirom      
66 to tie up, fasten pis Vcls 1 (AN loan)   L
72 to hit word info pit Vcls 1, hit with stick, also 'cut firewood'    
56 child poi someone's child    
88 to squeeze word info pora Vcls 1    
44 to hear ptə Vcls 2    
14 belly puana      
72 to hit word info pukət Vcls 1, beat with stick    
147 black pul      
73 to steal pula Vcls 1    
147 black puppul adj (AN? =Nochi 'black, dirty')    
103 meat/flesh puppunes      
100 wing pupuruna      
70 to shoot word info pure shoot or stab with spear etc.    
71 to stab, pierce pure Vcls 1 stab, shoot    
94 to throw word info pure Vcls 1 throw at    
116 flower purə only verb; prob loan    
141 wet puskə adj 'moist'    
66 to tie up, fasten pəla Vcls 1    
118 grass pəlis      
138 warm word info pəppamnə warm, hot in general    
154 short word info pəppo adj (length and height)    
12 skin pəppək pəppək also of 'peel', 'bark' etc.    
10 dirty pəppəl adj    
75 to die, be dead pəra Vcls 2    
80 to split word info pəreit Vcls 1 'split firewood, or vine for lashing'    
196 to count pəs Vcls 1    
148 white pəsok Vcls 1 (AN: Tigak & Lavongai: posok)    
176 below pət also 'under'    
105 tail pətpat also 'lower back of pig (butchered with the tail)'    
101 to fly pəva-la Vcls 3    
93 to pound, beat word info ra Vcls 2a 'pound to open shell'    
22 to fear rau Vcls 2    
123 to flow ripa Vcls 2    
141 wet saput Vcls 1    
141 wet saraput Vcls 1    
91 to buy seo Vcls 1 also 'pay'    
86 to grow word info sik (AN: Nochi chik chikchik)   L
71 to stab, pierce siki Vcls 1 stab, pierce, prick (AN loan)   L
67 to sew word info sikit (AN loan)    
86 to grow word info siksik (AN: Nochi chik chikchik)   L
69 to hunt word info sin Vcls 1 'hunt with dogs'    
42 to suck sisi Vcls 1 (AN loan, see 'breast')   L
18 breast sisima (AN loan)    
38 to chew word info soŋ chew betel nut    
144 to burn word info suam Vcls 1    
171 to hide word info sukə V cls 1 'pull back to hide'    
80 to split word info səba Vcls 1 'split bamboo, or areca palm trunk for walling or flooring'    
98 egg səgər      
93 to pound, beat word info sək Vcls 1 hit, pound with stone or stick    
38 to chew word info səm chew    
38 to chew word info səmsəm chew    
141 wet sərap adj    
141 wet səsarap adj    
160 painful, sick tafa Vcls 1 sick    
35 to vomit tarak-ban Vcls 3    
54 man/male teima      
33 to laugh tekkit Vcls 1    
125 salt tes (AN loan)    
48 to sleep tete child-directed    
177 this ti many many forms,+ inflected for person    
95 to fall word info tiri Vcls 1    
87 to swell word info tiŋ Vcls 1    
178 that to many many forms,+ inflected for person    
149 red toktok adj (AN?? = Nochi tok)    
182 I tuo      
182 I turuo      
195 no, not təle negation    
40 to drink təp-o Vcls 3    
152 small tətak (AN? Nochi: dokdok)   L?
184 he/she u fem -- much variation across pronominal functions    
91 to buy u-i Vcls 3 also 'pay    
140 dry word info uauk Vcls 1, of sores or anything wet that dries out    
83 to work word info ubi Vcls 1    
121 sand ubiem      
105 tail uliakano bird's tail    
129 moon uləŋ (AN loan)    
132 fog upau mist, rising from forest after rain    
146 ash ura      
87 to swell word info ut Vcls 1 also 'be full from eating'    
146 ash utərə      
103 meat/flesh ŋane 'what you have with the carbo hydrates (Tok Pisin abus)'    
109 mosquito ŋatŋarima (AN loan)    
160 painful, sick ŋit Vcls 1 hurt    
27 nose ŋof 'nostril'    
38 to chew word info ŋose chew and swallow juice, as of sugar cane    

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