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Language: Kalaw Kawaw Ya

Source/Author:  Rod Mitchell 
Identifiers:  ISO-639-3:mwp  Glottocode: kala1377 
Notes:  AKA Kala Lagaw Ya 
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Classification:  Australian:Pama-Nyungan:Kala Lagaw Ya 


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ID: Word: Item: Annotation: Cognacy: Loan:
209 One Hundred word info      
210 One Thousand word info      
69 to hunt word info (ai) luuma- look for    
69 to hunt word info (aipu) luuma+i- search    
39 to cook word info (muipu) natha- roast    
144 to burn word info (muipu) puya- muithai, muipu "in fire"    
144 to burn word info (muithai/muipu) natha- muithai, muipu "in fire"    
39 to cook word info (wœrpu) thara- boil    
9 to swim (wœrpu) waya+i- waya+i- = send self, wœrpu (in water)    
64 to say (ya) mula+i- muula- open, produce    
64 to say (yadu) uuma- uuma- weave    
195 no, not -gi shows lack of the word/action (privative)    
173 at -ki/-kidh nonspecific locative    
173 at -nu/-l/-Cai/ specific locative    
192 and -u, dual and (both)    
192 and -wal dual and (both)    
173 at -ya      
173 at -yab/-pu/-ab global locative    
192 and a specific "and"    
59 mother aapu(wa)      
171 to hide word info aba+i- aba- cover    
88 to squeeze word info adha- put out    
124 sea adhabadh(a) lit. outer-edge    
125 salt adhabadh(a) lit. outer-edge    
153 big adhi great (honorific), huge    
22 to fear aka nominal, forms compounds    
57 husband alai cf. al testical    
93 to pound, beat word info almathama-      
179 near amadhan instrumental of *amadh(a) "close-like"    
90 to dig anara- dig by scratching, etc.    
176 below apa- below/under part (nominal)    
108 louse word info ari      
133 rain ari      
161 shy, ashamed aziral azir shyness, shame    
99 feather baba      
2 left badhadœgam,(u)      
123 to flow balbama+i-      
150 yellow bamigidhgam(u) bamig(i) turmeric    
91 to buy barpuuda-      
121 sand buthu generic term    
104 fat/grease buuzar(a) solid (body fat)    
118 grass bùp(a)      
7 to come bœi adv.    
71 to stab, pierce bœlsi-      
119 earth/soil bœradhar(a)      
100 wing bœtha      
45 eye daan(a) also pool, lagoon, pond, life    
76 to live, be alive daan(a)      
126 lake daan(a) also pool well, lagoon    
128 sky dapar(a)      
80 to split word info dhadhpalama- dhadh- = middle; palama- intensive of pala- cause    
31 tooth dhang(a)      
132 fog dhibag(a) dialect variation    
171 to hide word info dhubuthai- (dh)ubuthu- cover under, place under, uthu- put in/enter    
171 to hide word info dhubwardhai- (dh)ubuthu- cover under, place under, uthu- put in/enter    
190 other dhurai b) some others    
134 thunder dhuyum(a) dialect variation    
119 earth/soil dhœœi      
82 dull, blunt dugu      
112 rotten word info dœbul state-focus    
29 to sniff, smell gaanu nominal - forms compounds    
139 cold word info gabu general term for cold, cool    
77 to scratch word info gamusithœridha+i- gamu = body    
77 to scratch word info garkap thœridha+i- garkap(u) = itchy spot    
54 man/male garkaz(i) kaz(i) child; person    
140 dry word info gathawœidha- dry out    
1 hand geth(a)      
3 right gethadœgam(u)      
196 to count gethtida+i- also "read"    
134 thunder giigi dialect variation    
33 to laugh giiw(a) nominal - forms compounds    
175 above gima- over/above part (nominal)    
172 to climb word info gimawala+i- specifically hills, etc. (gima- up)    
172 to climb word info giyami sun in sky, etc.    
81 sharp gizul pointed; giizu = point    
99 feather gubi      
136 wind gùb(a)      
30 mouth gùd(a) also opening, gap    
47 to yawn gùdkasapa+i- lit. open mouth wide    
168 day gœiga also sun    
168 day gœigœyi-      
12 skin gœngaw(u) human, animal    
148 white gœrabgam(u) white flowered plant,    
177 this i- specific here/this    
104 fat/grease idi substance (oil, etc.)    
76 to live, be alive iigil(a) life: nominal, makes compounds    
46 to see iima- see, find    
58 wife ipi      
109 mosquito iwi generic    
177 this ka- nonspecific here/this    
56 child kaaz(i)      
99 feather kaikai      
98 egg kakùr(u) general term    
13 back word info kal(a)      
164 good kapu      
44 to hear karngemi-      
43 ear kaura      
163 new kayin      
56 child kazi kazi = diminutive    
160 painful, sick kikiril kikir(i) pain, sickness    
129 moon kisay(i)      
138 warm word info komal general term for hot    
167 night kubil(a)      
25 neck kudu      
24 head kuik(u)      
149 red kulkadhgam(u) kulka "blood"    
66 to tie up, fasten kunuma-      
109 mosquito kuwath(a) anapholes    
147 black kùbikùb(i) kùbi "charcoal"    
120 stone kùla      
162 old word info kùlba objects as well (dialect variation)    
162 old word info kùlbai objects as well (dialect variation)    
23 blood kùlka      
105 tail kùnai bird, turtle    
146 ash kùnar(a)      
105 tail kùp(a) also base    
43 ear kùrùsai- kurusai only in compounds    
10 dirty kùsikùsi kùsi dirt, soot    
153 big kœi big    
157 thick word info kœibedhal thick    
159 wide kœigùdal      
157 thick word info kœigœrai thick of girth    
155 long word info kœikùthal/kuikùthal dialect variation : kœi "big", kuik "head", kùth(a) "end", -l having-adjective    
44 to hear kœrngai verbal noun    
86 to grow word info kœsimi-      
152 small kœthuka dialect variation    
105 tail kœub(a) animal    
116 flower kœusa also fruit    
117 fruit kœusa      
116 flower kœusauaymaizing "fruit maker"    
61 house laag(a) dialect variation    
195 no, not launga no/not - negates identity/fact    
110 spider maa      
5 to walk maab(a) nominal - forms verb compounds    
103 meat/flesh maadhu      
124 sea maalu also "deep"    
53 person/human being mabaig(a) lit. walker    
197 One word info madhabaig(a) c) the one left over    
14 belly maitha      
102 rat makas(a) also mouse    
151 green maludhgam(u) maalu sea    
142 heavy mapu      
72 to hit word info mathama-      
157 thick word info mawal thick    
34 to cry mayœrs- cf. maay(i) well, spring, tears    
188 what? word info mi- what, which (prefix)    
194 how? word info midh(a) instrumental of mi- "what/which" (dialect variation)    
194 how? word info midhadh(a) instrumental of mi- "what/which" (dialect variation)    
194 how? word info midhakidh(a) instrumental of mi- "what/which" (dialect variation)    
194 how? word info midhui instrumental of mi- "what/which" (dialect variation)    
181 where? word info milaga laag(a) = place, nga-/mi- what    
166 correct, true mina      
170 when? word info mithonara lit. at what time    
148 white miyakalgam(u) miyak whiteness, gam(u) colour    
61 house mudh(a) dialect variation    
145 smoke word info muinguthu nuingu "fire genitive"    
99 feather mukub      
150 yellow muradhgam(u) muura yellow-flowered tree    
143 fire muui      
174 in, inside muyi- inside, inside part (nominal)    
36 to spit mòòs(a) spit, lung; nominal - forms compounds    
191 all mùra      
97 bird mùt(i) any small species    
152 small mœgi dialect variation    
158 narrow mœgigùdal of opening    
152 small mœgina dialect variation    
156 thin word info mœginabedhal small-sized of thickness    
156 thin word info mœgiridhal lit. small boned    
158 narrow mœgiridhal of object    
35 to vomit mœgis(a) nominal - forms compounds    
129 moon mœlpal(a)      
184 he/she na feminine pronoun    
193 if na definite (also when) - socialised use of na/nanga the referencing clitic    
194 how? word info naag(a) how    
194 how? word info naga how    
46 to see naga+i- watch, look    
193 if nanga definite (also when) - socialised use of na/nanga the referencing clitic    
71 to stab, pierce nanitha      
84 to plant nanitha-      
63 name nel      
182 I nga- stem    
189 who? word info ngaa      
4 leg/foot ngaar(a)/saan(a)      
100 wing ngaga      
182 I ngai nominative    
181 where? word info ngalaga laag(a) = place, nga-/mi- what    
185 we word info ngalbai c) exc. dual [dialect variation]    
185 we word info ngalpa b) inc. [plural    
7 to come ngapa adv.    
183 thou ngi dialect variation    
186 you ngipel dual    
186 you ngitha plural (dialect variation)    
185 we word info nglabe c) exc. dual [dialect variation]    
20 to know, be knowledgeable ngulaig(a) nominal used in compounds    
122 water word info ngùki fresh, drinking    
185 we word info ngœba a) inc. dual    
185 we word info ngœi d. exc. plural    
28 to breathe ngœna nominal - forms compounds    
183 thou ni dialect variation    
51 to sit ni-      
51 to sit niina-      
114 leaf niis(a)      
186 you nipel dual    
186 you nitha plural (dialect variation)    
51 to sit nithama-      
94 to throw word info nithu-      
51 to sit niya-      
184 he/she nu- masculine pronoun    
184 he/she nui masculine pronoun    
88 to squeeze word info nuuda- squash (with foot, etc.)    
89 to hold word info nœidha+i- also touch    
32 tongue nœœi      
70 to shoot word info paga- small game    
71 to stab, pierce paga-      
67 to sew word info pagama- intensive of paga- prick, stab, spear    
89 to hold word info pagasama- "pa-"= completive prefix, "gasama-" = get    
70 to shoot word info pala- in general    
187 they palai dual (dialect variation)    
187 they pale dual (dialect variation)    
101 to fly palgi-      
90 to dig pama- dig by scooping    
78 to cut, hack word info papatha- pa- completive prefix    
95 to fall word info para+i- fall as in fruit, etc.    
78 to cut, hack word info patha pa- completive prefix    
137 to blow word info payi- a.    
105 tail pel fish    
156 thin word info pepe paper, leaves, etc    
50 to dream piki nominal - makes compounds    
140 dry word info pilel fruit, leaves, etc.    
27 nose pithi      
123 to flow punga+i-      
73 to steal purunu wardha- puru theft, purunu in theft, wardha- place, hide    
92 to open, uncover puuda-      
95 to fall word info puudha+i- fall, drop    
79 stick/wood puuy(i) formerly part of tree    
137 to blow word info puuya- b.    
42 to suck puyma-      
37 to eat pùrathi-      
45 eye pùrka      
37 to eat pùrtha-      
101 to fly pœlagi-      
135 lightning pœnipan(i)      
11 dust pœœi also fine spray, flour, etc.    
15 bone riidh(a)      
8 to turn word info ruwama+i-      
68 needle saak(a)      
105 tail saan(a) dugong    
107 worm (earthworm) sagadh(a)      
156 thin word info sakedh books etc.    
158 narrow sakedh of object    
88 to squeeze word info sasima- knead    
178 that se-/si- that, there    
52 to stand si-      
71 to stab, pierce sigama      
17 liver siib(a)      
180 far siiga- distance, far off (nominal)    
52 to stand siina-      
115 root siipi      
52 to stand siya-      
18 breast susu      
42 to suck susuwani- breast    
121 sand suurum(a) white sand    
70 to shoot word info tadi- in general    
105 tail thaa crocodile    
106 snake thaabu      
113 branch word info thaam(a)      
51 to sit thaanura+i-      
19 shoulder thabai      
38 to chew word info thala+i-      
113 branch word info thama      
187 they thana plural    
9 to swim thapa- also "row"    
52 to stand thara+i-      
39 to cook word info tharthara- boil    
60 father thathi      
154 short word info thaupai      
85 to choose thaya lit. throw    
94 to throw word info thaya-      
85 to choose thayama-      
140 dry word info thepadh waterless    
16 intestines theralmaitha theral = bitter    
130 star thithuy(i)      
145 smoke word info thuu      
62 thatch/roof thòòdh(a) roof    
41 to bite thœidha+i-      
171 to hide word info ubuthai- (dh)ubuthu- cover under, place under, uthu- put in/enter    
140 dry word info uma fruit, leaves, etc.    
74 to kill umamathama- uum(a) death, mathama- hit    
97 bird urui lit. creature    
171 to hide word info uthai- uthu- put in/enter    
70 to shoot word info uthu- large game    
84 to plant uthu-      
48 to sleep uthui nominal - makes compounds    
49 to lie down word info uthuiyunai- yunai- lean, slant, recline    
49 to lie down word info uthuiyuwi- yuwi- lean, slant, recline    
150 yellow uu uu ripeness    
75 to die, be dead uum(a) nominal, makes compounds    
111 fish waapi      
21 to think wakaithœmama+i- lit. move voice intensively    
172 to climb word info wala+i- general term    
127 woods/forest wang(a)      
40 to drink wani-      
190 other war a) one other    
197 One word info war/wara b) one of a group    
190 other wara a) one other    
171 to hide word info wardhai- wardha- place    
101 to fly wari-      
99 feather warka      
169 year wath(a) dialect variation    
79 stick/wood wathar fire wood    
165 bad, evil wati      
169 year wiyeth(a)l uyeth(a) dialect variation    
39 to cook word info wœidha+i- fry (etc.)    
181 where? word info wœnaga "where"    
171 to hide word info wœradhi- (dh)ubuthu- cover under, place under, uthu- put in/enter    
171 to hide word info wœradhi- wardha- place    
141 wet wœrai lit. watery    
197 One word info wœrapùn(i) a) one (only)    
140 dry word info wœrgi waterless    
72 to hit word info wœrima-      
65 rope wœru dialect variation    
65 rope wœrukam(i) dialect variation, kam(i) - unknown compound    
112 rotten word info wœsai smell-focus    
132 fog wœthiwath(i) dialect variation    
98 egg wœybadh(a) in turtle (turtle roe)    
122 water word info wœœr generic term    
192 and ya plural and (and others)    
6 road/path yabu      
6 road/path yabugùd(a) gùd(a) = mouth, opening    
26 hair word info yalai      
26 hair word info yalbùp(a) yal = soft, bùp(a) = grass    
66 to tie up, fasten yathara-      
144 to burn word info yayama-      
55 woman/female yipkaz(i) cf. ipi wife.    
87 to swell word info yœuru-      
83 to work word info zageth(a) nominal - makes compounds (za "thing" + geth(a) "hand")    
131 cloud word info ziya      
198 Two word info ùka- two(only)    
208 Fifty word info ùkagethal ùkagethal ùrapùl geth w hands two hands one hand    
199 Three word info ùkamadhabaig(a) madhabaig(a) - the one left over    
206 Ten word info ùkasar geth two hands    
198 Two word info ùkasar(a) compound form (sar(a) = number)    
200 Four word info ùkaùka two-two    
207 Twenty word info ùkaùka gethal four hands    
201 Five word info ùkaùkamadhabaig(a) 2-2-one left over    
202 Six word info ùkaùkaùka 2-2-2    
203 Seven word info ùkaùkaùkamadhabaig(a) 2-2-2-one left over    
204 Eight word info ùkaùkaùkaùka 2-2-2-2    
205 Nine word info ùkaùkaùkaùkamadhabaig(a) 2-2-2-2-one left over    
96 dog ùmai      
197 One word info ùrapùn(i) a) one (only)    
197 One word info ùrpùn(i) a) one (only)    

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