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Language: Proto-Koiarian

Source/Author:  Thomas Edward Dutton 
Identifiers:  ISO-639-3:  Glottocode: koia1260 
Notes:  Dutton, Thomas Edward. 2010. Reconstructing Proto Koiarian: the history of a Papuan language family. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics.

Koiarian consists of two branches: Koiaric and Baraic. Unless otherwise indicated by "PKr" or "PBc," all reconstructions are Proto-Koiarian.

PKr = Proto-Koiaric
PBc = Proto-Baraic 
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  • Number of Loans: 0
Classification:  Trans-New Guinea:Southeast Papuan:Koiarian 
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ID: Word: Item: Annotation: Cognacy: Loan:
2 left      
3 right      
5 to walk      
8 to turn word info      
10 dirty      
11 dust      
13 back word info      
14 belly      
20 to know, be knowledgeable      
26 hair word info      
28 to breathe      
29 to sniff, smell      
36 to spit      
42 to suck      
47 to yawn      
50 to dream      
62 thatch/roof      
68 needle      
69 to hunt word info      
70 to shoot word info      
71 to stab, pierce      
73 to steal      
74 to kill      
76 to live, be alive      
80 to split word info      
81 sharp      
82 dull, blunt      
85 to choose      
86 to grow word info      
87 to swell word info      
88 to squeeze word info      
89 to hold word info      
93 to pound, beat word info      
94 to throw word info      
101 to fly      
102 rat      
104 fat/grease      
107 worm (earthworm)      
110 spider      
111 fish      
116 flower      
118 grass      
123 to flow      
124 sea      
126 lake      
127 woods/forest      
128 sky      
132 fog      
134 thunder      
135 lightning      
139 cold word info      
141 wet      
150 yellow      
151 green      
156 thin word info      
158 narrow      
159 wide      
161 shy, ashamed      
166 correct, true      
169 year      
171 to hide word info      
174 in, inside      
176 below      
179 near      
180 far      
181 where? word info      
190 other      
191 all      
194 how? word info      
196 to count      
199 Three word info      
200 Four word info      
201 Five word info      
202 Six word info      
203 Seven word info      
204 Eight word info      
205 Nine word info      
206 Ten word info      
207 Twenty word info      
208 Fifty word info      
209 One Hundred word info      
210 One Thousand word info      
152 small *(e,i)se      
9 to swim *(e,i)so-      
122 water word info *(i)do PBc    
197 One word info *(i,o)gau      
148 white *(k,t)ae PKr    
105 tail *(t,d)ete PKr    
51 to sit *(u)gurama- PKr: 'to sit down'    
15 bone *(ʔ)adV PBc    
96 dog *(ʔ,k)uo PBc    
189 who? word info *-are PKr: 'who, which'    
173 at *-fe locative noun suffix: 'at, to, from'    
192 and *-gé      
193 if *-ne(i) medial verb suffix: 'if, when'    
183 thou *a      
198 Two word info *abu(t)i PKr    
1 hand *ada arm, hand, branch, wing    
100 wing *ada arm, hand, branch, wing    
113 branch word info *ada arm, hand, branch, wing    
175 above *ada top    
157 thick word info *aduné      
78 to cut, hack word info *afa- to cut, chop (wood)    
184 he/she *afu      
46 to see *aga- PBc    
147 black *aja PBc    
121 sand *ajarV PBc    
172 to climb word info *ají- PBc: 'to ascend, go up'    
18 breast *amu      
39 to cook word info *amufa- to cook (in ground on hot stones), mumu    
61 house *arV PBc: 'house, place, land'    
92 to open, uncover *arafa- PKr    
54 man/male *ata PKr: 'man'    
60 father *baba term of address    
19 shoulder *bag(u,i,o) PKr    
117 fruit *bai      
57 husband *baru PBc: 'man, husband'    
153 big *barug(e,a) PKr    
129 moon *bata PKr    
53 person/human being *bia people (of)    
32 tongue *bitarV PBc    
195 no, not *bé      
182 I *da PKr    
16 intestines *de stomach, intestines, feces    
130 star *didi      
95 to fall word info *dob(i,a)-      
4 leg/foot *díʔ- PBc: 'leg'    
53 person/human being *e PBc    
35 to vomit *edo(ɣo)-ɣa- PKr    
155 long word info *ege      
178 that *eke PKr    
46 to see *ere-ɣa- PKr    
91 to buy *f(u)ae-v- buy, sell, barter    
114 leaf *fana      
51 to sit *fi- PBc: 'to sit' (singular subjects)    
137 to blow word info *fuasi- 'blow (fire)'    
138 warm word info *fufune- PKr: 'hot'    
99 feather *fómo hair, fur, feather    
178 that *ga- PBc    
43 ear *gada PBc    
140 dry word info *giri      
31 tooth *gubai PBc    
37 to eat *i- to eat, drink    
40 to drink *i- to eat, drink    
188 what? word info *ida PBc    
79 stick/wood *idí tree, stick, pole, log    
44 to hear *ifi- to hear, understand, feel    
63 name *ifí      
198 Two word info *inoki PBc    
30 mouth *irV PBc    
189 who? word info *irara PBc    
163 new *isa PKr: new, uncooked, raw, young    
142 heavy *isu      
105 tail *ivienV PBc    
41 to bite *jaʔi- PBc    
22 to fear *juhu- PBc: 'to be afraid'    
65 rope *kai PBc: 'string, rope'    
72 to hit word info *kan- PBc    
51 to sit *kari- PBc: 'to sit' (plural subjects)    
90 to dig *karo- to dig up, dig out, harvest (yams)    
149 red *kavu PBc    
33 to laugh *ki(jo)- PBc    
24 head *kina PKr    
64 to say *kua- PBc: 'to talk, speak'    
18 breast *m(u,o)sV PBc    
58 wife *mabara      
168 day *maja- PBc: 'sun'    
60 father *mama term of reference    
162 old word info *mami      
164 good *maɣe      
55 woman/female *maɣina      
144 to burn word info *maɣo(i)- PKr: 'to burn, cook (by burning)'    
164 good *maʔi      
83 to work word info *me noun    
103 meat/flesh *mi animal, game, meat    
125 salt *misV PBc    
54 man/male *mo PKr: 'male, boy, male child'    
120 stone *muni      
39 to cook word info *muru- PBc: 'to cook on hot stones'    
182 I *na PBc    
167 night *na(ʔ,k)i- PBc    
38 to chew word info *nana-      
59 mother *neina PKr    
32 tongue *neme PKr: 'middle tongue'    
45 eye *ni      
48 to sleep *ni(n)a- PBc: 'to sleep'    
34 to cry *ni[na]-      
185 we word info *no      
177 this *oko PKr    
188 what? word info *ono PKr    
52 to stand *ra-mi- singular subject only    
144 to burn word info *ra-ɣa- intransitive    
64 to say *ro(i,u)- to say, speak, talk    
90 to dig *rofo- PKr: 'to dig (hole)'    
7 to come *roɣo-      
112 rotten word info *sag(o,a)- PBc    
119 earth/soil *saka PBc: 'ground, earth'    
25 neck *seno      
67 to sew word info *sigu- to sew up    
19 shoulder *sirefi PBc    
165 bad, evil *sise- PBc    
106 snake *tabarV PBc    
23 blood *taɣo blood    
96 dog *to PKr    
25 neck *tu PKr: 'nape of neck'    
66 to tie up, fasten *tumu-      
77 to scratch word info *tumu- to scratch (skin)    
146 ash *tuʔu- PBc    
154 short word info *tuʔuaké      
41 to bite *ua-ɣa- PKr    
136 wind *uburu wind (breeze)    
137 to blow word info *ufu- blow fire (to make it burn)    
97 bird *ugu(fa)      
99 feather *ui PBc: 'hair, fur, feathers'    
115 root *umu-ka PKr: 'root, base'    
109 mosquito *un(a,u) PKr: 'mosquito, gnat'    
98 egg *uni egg, kernel    
27 nose *uri      
146 ash *utuɣu PKr    
145 smoke word info *uʔV PBc    
17 liver *va PBc    
84 to plant *va- to plant (garden)    
188 what? word info *vadu      
167 night *vafi      
168 day *vani PKr: 'sun, day'    
12 skin *vata      
119 earth/soil *vata PKr: 'ground, earth'    
75 to die, be dead *vati- PKr    
168 day *ve PBc: 'sun, day'    
170 when? word info *veda PBc    
195 no, not *vefite PKr    
78 to cut, hack word info *vej- PBc: 'to chop, cut down'    
133 rain *ven(í,e)      
143 fire *vené fire, firewood    
160 painful, sick *vi(ʔ,k)e PBc: verb    
186 you *ya      
48 to sleep *ya-ɣa- PKr: 'to sleep, lie down'    
49 to lie down word info *ya-ɣa- PKr: 'to sleep, lie down'    
187 they *yabu      
72 to hit word info *ɣa-ma-      
56 child *ɣami      
65 rope *ɣote PKr: 'vine, string, rope'    
6 road/path *ɣuma PKr: 'path, road'    
21 to think *ɣuɣu-      
131 cloud word info *ʔimitiV. *isu both words: PBc    
108 louse word info *ʔumu      

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